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According to Whatis.com, a quality control definition is ‘a procedure intended to ensure that a …performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria, or meets the requirements of the client.’

At B to C Marketing our Quality Control process is just one of the vital steps in how we work.

Once we get the go ahead to begin your lead generation campaign you’ll be fully supported by our compliance consultancy team.
They listen to each lead before they are sent over to you. The compliance consultancy team ensures our lead generation meets the criteria requirements set out by you.

You will only pay per lead of the highest quality.

We also provide you with call recordings of every qualified lead generated so you can hear for yourself the quality of our calls, script and telemarketing effectiveness. We encourage you to monitor these calls to build your confidence and trust in us and to give your highly valued feedback.

Our compliance consultancy team will be seeking feedback on how your sales leads are going, the results you are getting and any changes you might need to the telemarketing scripts or your investor client criteria.

Your feedback is vital to ensure we continuously improve our service in areas we may need to strengthen and continue to strengthen the services we excel at.

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