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Lead Generation

Experienced telemarketers take an intelligent, relationship-based approach to lead generation.

Quality Control

We have a dedicated quality control team that is responsible for the monitoring of output & quality assurance.

Pay Per Lead

We specialise in pay per lead telemarketing. We’re happy for you to pay for results and not our time.

Sector Experience

Our team have sales & marketing experience across the entire B2C and B2B Sales Cycle.

About B to C Marketing

At B to C Marketing we specialise in qualified lead generation for the financial sector.

The heart of our B to C Marketing promise is to help you build long term lasting relationships with your customers.

We offer you the services of our dedicated team of sales and marketing specialists, bringing you expertise in:

• lead generation
• digital marketing
• email marketing
• media planning

• data entry
• sales leads
• data planning
• media management

• quality assurance
• list management
• compliance consultancy
• campaign data processing

Working across B2B lead generation and B2C lead generation, we represent some of the UK’s leading brands.

We provide marketing lists from our comprehensive database of UK consumers. With over 50 million records it’s one of the largest consumer database in the UK. For you that means high quality campaign data showing what motivates your customers. Their hopes, dreams, fears and pain points. Making it easier for you to sell your products and services to the people who really need and want them.

Best of all, not only do you get qualified sales leads you only pay per lead. Because we specialise in a pay per lead generation service, we only pass on the sales leads that have met your agreed criteria. Meaning your sales team focus on dealing with prospects and making sales.

Find out how we work before we begin your sales campaign project, we take the time to find out what your needs are, your ideal client criteria and develop a bespoke sales strategy just for you.

Send us an email at enquiries@b2cleads.co.uk or fill out our Enquiry form.

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