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Before we begin your project, we take time in getting to know what you need from us. Using our knowledge of the financial sector, investment sector, decision making processes and supply chains, we help you develop a targeted Customer Engagement Strategy.

Step 1. Learning about you and your business

We understand that every one of our clients is different. We begin by working with you to help us understand your requirements and goals, educating us about your products and services. Vital information will include:

• Who are your target markets?
• What is your sales proposition?
• What qualifies as a lead for you?

Our honest and open policy means you can share your pain points, potential objections and what we need to know to become an effective extension of your sales team. In turn, we’ll give you an honest appraisal of realistic sales targets from our knowledge, experience and available data.

We will endeavour to generate new opportunities and qualified sales leads on your behalf.

Step 2. Creating Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Working with you, we help define your Customer Engagement Strategy. Setting out measurable objectives aligned to your sales strategy, you track our success and measure your return on investment.

Your Customer Engagement Strategy will clarify the scope of your lead generation campaign. We’ll explain exactly what we can do and what is outside the scope of your project.

For example, some of the services we offer are:

• Lead generation
• Digital marketing
• Email marketing
• Media planning
• Data entry
• Quality Control
• Compliance Consultancy

You may not need all our services and these are agreed within the scope of your lead generation project before it begins.

Step 3. Finding Your Ideal Client

What criteria does your ideal client need to meet?

Remember, our comprehensive database is available to you, offering information on previous transactional behaviours, lifestyle insights and geo-demographic data to give you a broad, deep and up to date view of your potential clients

We help you build a picture of your ideal client in the financial sector or investor sector. It may be based on liquidity level, risk appetite, interests in short term investment, long term investment – or any other preferred criteria you have.

Once you’ve agreed your ideal client criteria, we start implementing your Customer Engagement Strategy.

Step 4. Approval of Our Method

At B to C Marketing, we work with you to develop a bespoke ‘telemarketing script’ that truly represents your business, products and services.

Our telemarketing experts act as an extension to your own sales team and support their productivity because you only pay per lead. Everything your own sales team does is focused on customer service and sales conversion.

Your bespoke scripts include detailed FAQs to ensure our telemarketing team have the knowledge and understanding to represent your business confidently and professionally

Once you give us your approval of your bespoke script(s) we start generating your leads.

Step 5. Quality Control Process

As part of our Quality Control process you’ll be supported by our compliance consultancy team. They listen to each lead before they are sent over to you. You only pay per lead of the highest quality.

We also provide you with call recordings of every qualified lead generated so you hear for yourself the quality of our calls, script and telemarketing effectiveness.

Step 6. The Result

You’ll receive a sales pipeline of hot new business opportunities who are ready and expecting your call.

Call NOW if you’re ready for the most successful Lead Generation campaign you’ve ever had.

Our highly skilled and passionate team are ready and waiting to bring the lead generation results you need

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